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2014 Fall

Fall 2014

Meeting Tuesday, October 7, 2014
3-4PM, M357

Reading: Roxanne Gay’s Bad Feminist

Topic and Discussion: We discussed feminist genealogies in terms of language and intention.  In particular, we focused the contradictions within feminism, such as attending women’s rights events and dancing to sexist music, in the first chapters. We also explored depletion (i.e, overwork in mentoring, teaching, and publishing) and microaggressions (i.e., latent forms of discrimination such as notetaking or mansplaining) in academia for scholars and professors, especially women and folks of color, in interdisciplinary studies.

Meeting Tuesday, November 18, 2014
3-4PM, M391

Reading and Discussion: Roxanne Gay’s Bad Feminist

Topic: We discussed pop culture, trigger warnings, and rate your gender in the later chapters. Specifically, we addressed pedagogical practices like admonishing students about a rape scene in a film as opposed to calling out sexist language as a form of intellectual overprotection and practical dissociation. We brought up events we are planning for Women’s History Month, the conference the FIG core members are planning for next year, and checked in about pedagogical issues some of us are having with students.

Meeting Tuesday, December 2, 2014
3-4PM, M357

Topic: End of the Semester Celebration

We brought food and drink to share together to celebrate the end of a highly productive year in the Women’s and Gender Studies FIG.